Interpreters are human bridges.
They step in whenever people speaking different languages need to communicate with each other. They are trained to carry ideas and concepts from one language to another—accurately and efficiently.
A professional interpreter is an invaluable resource in any face-to-face negotiation, communicating your meaning and intent to your customer, and vice versa.
At the UN you see interpreters working in glass booths. At your plant, they accompany you and the trade delegation from Poland on the factory floor, relaying your message to your visitors and their questions back to you. In a hospital they help ensure that patients get access to the care they need, whatever their language. And in courts they play an essential role in ensuring that justice is done.
An Interpreter has nerves of steel!! Interpreters listen to a message in one language and relay the same information back in another language, almost instantaneously.
Want to experience the stress yourself? Take a microphone, turn on your TV and try to rephrasewhatever the newscaster or soap star is saying  in real time.
No lagging behind—you’ll never catch up. And no dangling sentences, please.
Now imagine you are doing the same thing, but restating the message in a different language. Don’t even think of using a dictionary for words you don’t know: there’s no time! A child’s life may depend on you. A million-dollar deal may be in the balance, or the success of a company’s participation in an international trade fair.
These are just a handful of situations where a professional interpreter makes all the difference.
Factors that influence price.
simultaneous or consecutive, single or team:
Length of assignment and segmentation of working day (e.g. 2-hour minimum for court interpreting, but it’s more used the a half-day or daily rate)
“Trained interpreters abide by a code of ethics that stresses confidentiality, impartiality, discretion and professional distance. That may seem basic, but it’s critically important. It’s always best to use trained interpreters.” a Defense lawyer, Miami


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